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better than new - how?

A good start

Good stock is the starting point - We use only high quality machines sourced from around the world. We don't use any we consider to be of inferior quality or robustness such as some entry level or Chinese models.

Rose Foregrove Minerva

Mechancial overhaul is next

The machines are stripped and the internal drive components are discarded. All remaining parts are carefully inspected and replaced with new as required. Any painted parts are assessed and, if necessary, are sand blasted back to bare metal and powder coated.

Record Panda

Multi-Motor Upgrade

An all new electrical panel is installed along with new heaters, sensors, safety circuit and even buttons. Three or four new motors are fitted which are directly coupled to the main drive shafts - there are no mechanical dwell units, no variable gearboxes and no clutches - all replaced by a latest generation control system and our class leading software.

midasmotion flowrapper

Finally it's setup and tested

New size change parts are manufactured to suit the customers product range and the machine is fully set up and tested with customer products and film before dispatch. Installation and training is provided by our own highly experienced staff. This approach allows us to offer a comprehensive warranty and excellent long term support for all our customers.

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