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For over twenty years we have been at the forefront of flow wrapper engineering. We have worked on just about every make and model and can transform your existing machine into a latest generation, reliable, and efficient workhorse with excellent long term support.

compostable flow wrapper

Bio-Compostable Film Upgrade

Ilapak Smart used flow wrap
flow wrapper info

multi-motor upgrade

If you already own a flow wrapper this represents a very cost effective solution. By replacing all the internal mechanical drive components with three simple directly coupled motors we can turn your flow wrapper into a new generation machine with all the performance, high efficiency features and operator simplicity of the world's latest.

We provide a full service - we collect your flow wrapper using dedicated safe transport, perform the internal upgrade and any remedial repairs and return it to you finished and tested, including expert installation and long term support and maintenance.

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flow wrap motors
motors for packing machine

DIY kit of parts

We supply kits of components so you can upgrade almost any rotary flow wrapper yourself. For machinery engineers or end-users who have their own maintenance resource this represents an excellent cost-effective way of totally transforming and de-skilling the operation of an old flow wrapper.
It includes detailed instructions with examples of just about every make and model of flow wrapper backed by expert assistance from our own engineers.

You can choose from a basic kit of just the primary components all the way to a fully built and tested electrical panel, and every bracket, sensor, pulley and drive belt you need to complete the upgrade.

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FREE class leading fully featured software

Used by machinery builders world wide, our software is at the heart of hundreds of flow wrap machines, and comes FREE with our latest generation high performance controller with integrated PLC and touch sensitive HMI - all in one low cost package. Now available with FREE flow wrap software, including:

flow wrapper electronic controller
flow wrapper display

  • no product-no bag
  • instant and accurate film registration
  • simple, consistant product change over
  • 50 instant recall product memories
  • jaw stall with auto-recovery
  • date coder and labeller triggers
  • integrated heater control
  • compatible with most motor technologies

  • Its unique 'self learn' feature automatically matches the gear ratios and mechanical characteristics of almost any flow wrapper. It has built-in options such as twin reel and auto-splice, slave following and in-line automatic feeders. The screen images are drawn using standard propriotory free 'open source' PC software so you can easily achieve your own unique corporate 'look and feel'. All this is installed and available in every unit without any software programming. If you really want to get into the software, or just want a copy for reference, the source code is available (subject to licence) and is developed using a free 'open source' programming system.

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    We repair, refurbish, upgrade and support flow wrap packaging machines from
    Rose Foregrove, APV Baker, Barry Wehmiller
    CampBell, FMC, Sasib
    CampBell, FMC, Sasib
    Adpak, Adpack
    , etc.
    Many companies have a flow wrapper which has a significant fault, or a fundamental limitation such as lack of support for printed film, or is simply worn out and past its best. Often these old machines are fundamentally well built and by refurbishing them mechanically and upgrading them internally with a latest generation multi-motor drive system we can make them 'better than new' - at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent new machine. Not only does it give the flowrapper another decade or two of use but entirely changes the character and performance of the machine beyond that of most brand new machines. So, for a fraction of the price of a new flow wrapper, you get a high quality, well engineered, latest generation machine capable of out performing new machines and boosting your productivity.
    All the parts used in our upgrades are gauranteed for two years and we supply on-going expert maintenance and long term support for any machine we have upgraded.