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do it yourself - how?

flow pack servo

Fit New Motors

Empty the inside of the machine and discard all the old parts. Then fit the new motors. A full upgrade kit includes all the mounting plates, pulleys, brackets and pre-made cables to suit your machine. You drill a few holes in the flowpacker body and that's it.

Fit the Electrics

flow pack electrics We supply either a pre-assembled electrical panel to replace the original inside the flowpack machine or a new self contained electrical cabinet to mount on the flowpacker. Buttons, safety switches, sensors and heater components are wired directly to a terminal rail. The motors and encoders are simply plugged in using the cable assemblies supplied with the kit.

Configure and Test

flow pack software It comes pre-programmed with our class leading flowpack app. Self learn configuration means no programming is required and commissioning the machine is simple, fast and largely automatic.

A comprehensine detailed document pack is supplied and our expert engineers are available if you need assistance on the phone, by email, by remote control or on site. Every part in the kit is guaranteed for two years and kept in stock by us for immediate delivery.
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