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It's easy to be taken in by some companies whose only interest is selling you another new flow wrapper. Or maybe you've got an old flow wrapper and you can't find the support or spares you need to keep it running. We offer unrivalled long term support with our own dedicated team of expert engineers and technicians.


FREE telephone support
+44 (0)1423 815 478

We offer FREE telephone support to all our customers. Our resident flowrap experts can diagnose, and often resolve, a fault quickly over the telephone. If an on-site visit is required our engineers are dedicated flowrap specialists and our rates are very competitive. For the fastest possible on-site service and out-of-hours support you may want to consider our priority breakdown cover.

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  priority BREAKDOWN cover
  peace of mind emergency service

For a small annual investment our priority breakdown cover offers real peace of mind. This specialist service ensures your emergency requirements receive top priority any time of day, seven days a week. It gives you access to an out-of-hours technical help line, ensures rapid on-site attendance and guarantees the availability of critical service parts.

Of course, regular preventative inspection and maintenance significantly reduces the risk of downtime so our breakdown cover also includes a maintenance plan with timely reminders and routine service visits at your convenience.

  • out-of-hours technical help line
  • emergency rapid response call-outs
  • dedicated service spares always available
  • unsociable hours and weekend working
  • routine maintenance reminders
  • standard service rates and charges

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    standard parts ALWAYS in stock
    fast delivery and expert technical backup

    We keep all the electro-technical components in stock, both for our new and refurbished machines and our upgrade kits, ready for immediate delivery. We keep a large stock of mechancial service components backed by a network of specialist parts suppliers and our own in-house machine shop.

    If you need something in a hurry but don't have an account with us you can always pay by Credit/Debit or PayPal using our secure on-line payment - call 01423 815 478 for details.

    There may be a surcharge for this service

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    ISO9000 and TickIT

    Our first class after sales service is backed by a BS-EN-ISO 9000 and TickIT management structure, and an enviable record of external audits by one of the most respected risk assessment agencies in the world, plus over twenty years of satisfied customers.

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    Horizontal form-fill-seal machines are often known by their informal name, flow wrapper. Flow wrappers are packaging machine which automatically wrap a product or multiple products in a pillow style wrapping material. A film reel of material or film is unwound and passed through a folding box or forming box which generates a tube of material. The reel of film is held on by reel cone clamps which, on some flow packers, operate together to form a self centring action. The product is placed, either manually by operators or automatically by an automatic product feeder or loader, into the flow wrappers infeed conveyor. Infeed lugs or pushers push the products along the stainless steel deck of the infeed. The products are transferred from the flow wrap infeed into the open end of the tube of wrapping material formed by the folding box or forming box. The film requires a certain level of tension which is maintained by a reel brake unit. Brake units vary from a very simple leather strap and weight resting over the reel of film to sophisticated motor driven power unwind systems which monitor and control the tension via software. The tube of wrapping material containing the product is pulled through the flow wrapper by the bottom or fin seal mechanism. With heat seal material the bottom crimp unit is heated and the combination of heat and pressure generates a seal along the length of the pack and forms a welded tube of material. As the tube and product flow through the flow wrapper a cross seal unit seals the end of the bags and cuts the material or film into individual bags. There are several types of cross seal units, the most common being a pair of heated counter-rotating jaws with an embedded knife and anvil. The flow wrapper knives and anvils are wear parts and require changing occasionally. Other common wear parts are the slip-rings and carbon brushes which transfer the electrical power to the heaters embedded in the bottom sealing assembly and the cross seal jaws. The slip-ring brushes should be kept clean of carbon dust buld-up. Like most machinery, routine maintenance of any flow wrapper will help ensure long term reliable operation and allow the planning of predictive repairs before an actual failure occurs. We offer routine maintenance and service contracts which includes priority break-down cover for any flow packer we have sold or refurbished. Our service contracts are tailored specifically to your requirements so you are not paying excessively for a machine you only use occasionally or, conversely, not risking failure on a critical production machine which is running multiple shifts at very high speed.