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SlipFeed - in-line feeder


In this example of a SlipFeed a small Norwich based machinery manufacturer who already have our equipment at the heart of their higher-tech machines were keen to take advantage of the expanding automation market and together we built a 'SlipFeed' automatic feeder into the space usually occupied by their standard in-feed conveyor.

Another UK company based in Manchester supply machines manufactured by their sister company in Italy and many of their standard machines already come fitted with our equipment. When it comes to supplying complete complex lines they wanted to keep control of such projects locally. So they brought in midasmotion to extend their flowrapper into a complete processing line including a 'SlipFeed' system, twin film reel auto-splice, transport conveyors, re-orientation conveyors, inspection and reject station. We integrated everything into the existing flowrapper touch display to make a single intuitive user interface.

Another application fed muffins into one of their flowrappers. The flowrapper was a basic mechanical machine so the 'SlipFeed' had to be a self-contained version with it's own control system and require minimal modification to the flowrapper. It needed to be low cost but be capable of handling several different product sizes. The midasmotion 'SlipFeed' system was developed exactly for this sort of application. It consists of a mixture of servo and conventional AC driven conveyors which queue, position and synchronize products into a flowrapper.

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