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Multi-Packs by midasmotion

We supplied MackleSnacks of Northern Ireland a refurbished and upgraded Redpack Pacer specially configured for packing childrens multi-pack snacks. Traditionally such machines, with their custom infeeds, twin pushers and special fold-boxes are very expensive but our approach gave them a very rugged solution for a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

Equipped with midasmotion controllers and software, ten flow-wrappers manufactured by a Norwich company are employed at Walkers Snack Foods. Snack products such as potato crisps are packed into individual packs by a bank of vertical baggers then passed via a sorting line to rows of horizontal flowrappers, one for each flavour of multi-pack.

Tangerine Confectionary, who own the Butterkist brand, have several flow wrappers supplied by midasmotion ranging from several brand new machines to highly complex automatic and robot loaded lines built around refurbished machines.

snack food flowrapper Multi-pack snack products represent a particular challenge and it takes experience and ingenuity to supply a reliable solution. This is particularly true when the flow-wrapper is loaded by robots with no full time operators. Twin film reels with Auto-splice means the machines are capable of running continuously with almost no stoppages.

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