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J-Cloth manufacturer goes DIY

EGL-Homecare are Europe's largest manufacturer of disposable cleaning clothes, sponges, cleaning pads and mops and they have a range of different flowrap machines of various ages.

The machines are maintained by their own engineers and they have adopted a policy of upgrading them, one at a time, to full midasmotion multi-axis control using a full kit of parts from us. The kits include everything they need, including an assembled and tested electrical panel with a simple row of terminals to wire in the various switches, sensors and guard safety devices that are positioned around the machine. The motors and touch display are all pre-wired making an almost 'plug and play' conversion!

redpack upgrade

The electrical panel fits within the existing cabinets of the machines - no easy design task with some of the physical restrictions of early Redpack and Autowrapper machines. This approach means that all their machines have common internal components, a common user interface, and the operators are inherently familiar with every flowrapper within their large facility. However, the biggest benefit to them is the increase in efficiency from rapid, accurate and consistent product change over and features such as 'no product no bag' and 'jaw stall recovery'. One machine alone regularly changes between nearly fifty different products, all of which are stored in the internal memory for almost instant recall, including the position of the date code. Maintenance is now much improved too - externally they keep the same familiar rugged mechanicals but internally they have an almost zero maintenance drive system.

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