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Bringing New Life to Baggers

Ilapak's older Vegatronic continuous motion baggers are tough machines but often suffer from obsolete and unsupportable drive systems.

Mechanically these machines are simple enough and a complete replacement of all the drive and electro-technical components makes a lot of sense. Latest generation software and a two year warranty supported by experts with permanently stocked off-the-shelf spare parts makes even more sense. You get a more rugged machine than many new ones and it's ready for another decade or two of hard work.

IPS Contract Packing Services have several Vegatronic 3000 baggers which, according to Ilapak, were obsolete. We offered a rolling service of upgrade and refurbishment that gave them a fleet of heavy duty continuous motion vertical baggers. This made excellent financial sense, improved performance, simplified operation and gave IPS confidence in the long term viability of their machines.

vegatronic Vertical baggers are quite different from horizontal flow-wrappers but we still use the same motors and internal electro-technical components as our horizontal flow-wrapper upgrades and provide the same excellent service and support.

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