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High Speed Buns Take Off

When Evron Foods of Northern Ireland wanted to pack bread buns for airplane meals they approached us and several other suppliers. They wanted to pack them at high speed but also retain sufficient flexibility in the machine so they could pack some of their other larger products.

We offered a full stainless steel Ilapak Carrera 500 machine fitted with our internal multi-motor upgrade. Even with a single large jaw it attained their target speed of 120 packs per minute but to better match their full product range we fitted twin jaws. A single operator is able to easily load the machine at well over 100 packs per minute and two operatives can achieve over 140 per minute. The machine will actually function at over 200 per minute.

The capabilities, versatility and rugged construction of our refurbished and upgraded machine was not only less expensive than even the new entry level alternatives they were looking at but it had a specification better matched to their immediate requirements. This also gave them confidence that it would be more useful generally and better future proofed against new products.

bread buns at high speed Of course as the speed increases it becomes more difficult to pump sufficient heat into the seals but we were able to achieve strong reliable seals at the maximum rate they could physically load the machine. This exceeded their original target and gave them sufficient margin in the flowrapper so they could look at speeding up other areas of their production.

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