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SimpleFeed - low cost automation

SlipFeed - high speed in-line loader

Series 4000 - fully automatic lines

Re-Using and Recyling

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A packing line with no staff - that's zero labour costs! Is that possible? Well, we can come very close, maybe a few minutes every hour or so and certainly no full-time operators. Our In-Line Feeders can be coupled to almost any new, second-hand or even your existing flowrapper.

SimpleFeed - low cost automation

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Our new and unique 'SimpleFeed' automatic product loader provides a low cost solution for automating the loading of your flow-wrapper. It gives smaller and lower volume manufacturers a way into the world of automation. It can be added to the end of your existing flow-wrapper, one of our excellent refurbished and upgraded flow-wrappers, or even a new flow-wrapper. Save tens of 1,000's on purchase, then tens of 1,000's on labour - every year!

4000 series - fully automatic packing

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A confectionery packing line that demonstrates everything from standard conveyors, our clever spreading conveyors, reject and divert station, accumulation, and metering into a high speed flow-wrapper. All of it including the flowrapper supplied new by midasmotion as a fully integrated automatic high speed packing line based on 4000 series modules.

SlipFeed - re-using and recycling

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Here's an automatic packing line packing frozen pizzas from 5 inch round to 19 inch rectangular. Based on the customer's existing and refurbished Ilapak flow wrapper coupled to a new SlipFeed in-line feeder and Shuttleworth 'SlipTorque' accumulator. This demostrates how to get a high quality, high performance, fully automatic packing line at a budget price including a full warranty and long term expert support.

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midasmotion supply automatic packaging lines based on low pressure, zero pressure and no-contact or zero contact loaders, feeders and automatic conveyors. We are UK agensts for Shuttleworth Conveyors - a product handling company who are part of the Pro Mach group and who manufacture product handling solutions based on their 'SlipTorque' conveyor technology. The in-line feeders are stainless steel food grade construction with tool-less easy removed belts and rollers for good hygiene in food packing applications. The product loaders can be integrated into existing packing machines such as Blueprint, Adept, ABB, Ilapak, Record, Tisomi, Delfin, Rose Foregrove, Ulma, pfm, adpak, Redpack, Bosch, Tivopharm and other packing machinery. They automate the packing process and reduce labour requirements. We have huge experience of building and supplying in-line flowrap loaders for bakery, bread , tray bake, tray bakes, cakes, pies, pasties, biscuits, cookies, cards, cheese, chocolate, confectionery, pet food, fish, sea food, meat, poultry, medical, pharmaceutical, pasta, pizza, tortillas, snacks, multipack, frozen food, sausages, flowers, hardware, cutlery, ice cream, wet wipes, ready meal and many more applications. Midasmotion are manufacturers of specialist conveyors and feeders. Special conveyors are controlled by servo motors and integrated into our flowrap control systems. Automatic infeed conveyors can dramatically increase the packing efficiency of your flowrapper packing machine.